THEATRE: Much Ado About Nothing

UVU Theatre presents the North American Premiere of Something Wicked This Way Comes
Utah Valley University’s Noorda Theatre introduces its third showing, “Much Ado About Nothing,” by William Shakespeare. This production will open on December 3 and continue through the 12, with evening performances each night at 7:30PM (excluding Sundays). Tickets to the performance can be purchased through the box office in person or over the phone at 801-863-PLAY or online at UVU Theatre and its season are supported by the School of the Arts.
John Graham, director of the production, said, “This romantic comedy about the vagaries of love and misplaced jealousy is just as relevant today as it was when it was written five hundred and ten years ago. It just goes to show that we haven’t progressed as much as we think.”
“Much Ado About Nothing” tells a story of love, wit and words. The bickering of Benedict and Beatrice and the drama of Claudio and Hero has delighted audiences for centuries. Although there have been numerous productions, UVU is putting a new spin on the story by placing it in the Mexican Revolution of 1910.
“Besides the obvious connection that the play happens during a time of war,” says Graham, “I find that many of the themes of the gender equality that occur in the play are mirrored by the Mexican Revolution. And besides that, it makes the play just plain fun with wonderful music and colorful costumes.”
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