Donner-Galbraith Memorial Scholarship Benefit Concert

Blake Donner and Jenn Galbraith were two socially conscious friends who shared a passion for life. After the two students died in a tragic cave accident in 2005, the Donner-Galbraith Memorial Scholarship fund was established in their memory.

November 17th at 6:30pm, in the UVU Ragan Theater, the waning scholarship will receive life as celebrities and entertainers perform and commemorate the lives of these two beloved students.

Sponsored by Dr. Stephen Fullmer's English 276R class and produced by Stephen Carnegie, the show will feature a wide variety of entertainment and be truly inspirational. Enjoy the evening with Oscar winning writer of the Rain Man and Emmy winning writer of Bill, Barry Morrow. Performing that night will be multi-platinum selling artist Mark Slaughter. In addition, local artists Broke City, Hailey Hendricksen, Brady Fullmer, and Adjacent to Nothing will share their musical talents. An unbelievable dance will be performed at the event by Aubree Marchione and Nick Scott, furthermore, Grammy award winning producer Keith Thomas, Curb Warner Record label President Loren Balman, and award winning producer of Children's Broadcasting Brad Smith, will also be attending the event.


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